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Official Electronic Music Topic

Blind Joe Death
Mister Pink
Message added by Mister Pink

Can we make some attempt to post more than just the track, please This forum is turning in to a bunch of threads with no discussion whatsoever. If you want to just post music and not contribute anything else, use the What Are You Listening to Now? thread. But threads for sub-genres, feel free to post videos but post videos with a sentence or two. Why are you posting it? Do you think someone is going to like it? If so, why? 

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Ooooh.. haven't heard that in a few years. Nice choice!

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Yeah that second track is really interesting. Something dark, retro and atmospheric and industrial about it.

Edited by Mister Pink
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Nice post, Hyperglide. ^



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took my first pill to this tune. garage will make a comeback once the deep amphibious future house trend dies off.




and another one of those dark warehouse and two pills making you sweat like a pedo in a playground tunes.




if theres one thing us brits do right its making tunes to get absolutely f*ckin mashed to.

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That's true!





Edited by Mister Pink
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if you're a fan of uk garage and whatnot 10/10 would recommend DJ EZ; OG don of the garage scene been doing it for two decades




mixing at 18:45 onwards f*cking solid

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Been really liking this BR set lately, makes a change from the bullsh*t ego's and im too cool to dance attitude of most other boiler room sets. Nothing but vinyl, great tunes and good vibes. The tune that comes in at 1:29:50 is so good as is the shot of the girl about a minute later in the crowd.



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  • 3 weeks later...




Edited by Mister Pink
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Groovy, sounds like something that was banned from Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by the rest of the tracks for being too funky.

Edited by Craig
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Yeah looks like it was a fight between Ptolemy and above and Ptolemy made it. Or it at least sound like it evolved in to Ptolemy.



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One of my best favourite is:

1. Haywyre - Do You Don't You

2. Haywyre - Memory

3. Au5 & Fractal - Ison

4. Martin Garrix - Animals (One of the best meme big room house)

5. Grabbitz - Better With Time

6. Grabbitz - Get Out

7. Grabbitz - Make You Mine

8. Fractal - Collide (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

9. Fractal - Amor (feat. Syrin)

10. Fractal - Omni

11. Fractal - Skyline

12. Fractal - Atrium

13. Au5 - Blossom

14. Au5 - Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter)

15. Tut Tut Child - Mysterious Stranger

16. Tut Tut Child - I Can't

17. Tristam - Shine

18. Tristam & Braken - Flight

19. Tristam - Young & Free

20. Tristam - Devotion

21. Pegboard Nerds - Heartbit (feat. Tia)

22. Pegboard Nerds - Frainbreeze

23. Pegboard Nerds - New Style

24. PIXL - Galactic Voyage

25. PIXL - Here for You (feat. Q'AILA)

26. Tut Tut Child - Don't Push Me

27. Project 46 - Signs (feat. Shantee)

28. Puppet - Soft Spoken

29. Snavs - Time

30. Snavs - Into The Wild (feat. Sebastian Lind)

Sorry for the more song!

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@Phnx. one of my favorite female DJ/producers


the song below is my favorite of her, a collaboration with Sven Vath



Edited by GloryBox94
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