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PSP Helicopters


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I am sure this has been asked before, but I have tried a search and not found what I want and I only get 1 hr on the net at work so do excuse me.


I play VCS on PSP and have got as far as putting a fire out in a house full of hoes.


I would like to access the helicopter, but every location I go where there are supposed to be choppers I cant find one. Perhaps I have not gone far enough in the game, but I just wondered if there is a way of unlocking them?





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i thought you used the fire truck for that?

try the firetruck. it sprays water by pressing circle while your in it.

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Sorry, no not for this mission, I mean just how do I unlock them or get them to appear in general?



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The helis are available after you unlock the second island. Not before.

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