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Need a sig & ava set


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Ok so I've had nothing to use as my avatar/sig for a while, and I thought rather than cook something up myself, half-assedly I'd ask here and see what some of you GFX juggernauts take a whack at creating me something smile.gif.


Name: No name, unless you think it looks good with one


Size: Uhh, not huge, not minuscule. Again, whatever you think looks good


Theme: Vibrant colors, bright, rainbow flames?


Resources: This Don't use that pic, but I want something that kind of color scheme smile.gif.


Colors: As I mentioned before, bright, vibrant etc.


Additional Info: If possible, not rectangular, kinda a abstract shape? Go wild smile.gif.


Much thanks guys, I know you'll come up with some stunning stuff biggrin.gif.

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user posted image

Bloody amazing!! Thanks for the effort Ja, but I'm gonna choose tagamaynila's set smile.gif. Huge thanks taga, like I said, they're amazing biggrin.gif.

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