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How do you start a poll, When I click the button at the top a message say you cannot start a poll. Why?.

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You can't. Only a mod can make your topic into a poll if you request it, and it's deemed worthy of a poll. The reason for this is that too many newbies keep making dumb polls like "what's your fave GTA" or "what's your fave console"?


So think long and hard before you decide on what your poll should be.

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Mod, short for moderator. A person who has a job here to make sure that all posts are on topic and in good nature, and generally not breaking any rules. He can edit, delete or lock topics, and warn and even suspend people.


To get a mod's attention, just make a topic with the content of your poll. A mod will see it shortly and do what he sees as appropriate. Just make sure that you say that you want to request it to be turned into a poll.

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