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Differntials. changing posi to on posi


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Is there a way to change how the differential works in the game??? All cars in Grand Theft Auto have posi-traction. I don't like this and want to be able to make some cars non-posi. This means tat when you floor it around a turn only the inside wheel spins not both. Can you at least change the tolerance levels for torque of the differentials. So if I wanted I could make solid rear axles, meaning both tires are spinning no matter what. I want to be able to do one wheeled burnouts. Don't ask me why i just like realizm. I have done tests that show when you put one wheel off a wall and give it gas the wheel not touching anything spins. So idk if the cars are true posi or just too easy to make slip. If anyone has figured anything about the car differntials in the game please let me know.

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