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[SnP]New model army,N.O.E,Cop wheels


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link: http://gtasnp.com/3710




New model army


Last of zeros mission is harder then his 2nd,i tried that.my controlls were somehow dificult or i am a bad rc controler anyway help on this.




This mission is hard i cant turn it to even take flight,if i cant do that how will i survive the flight time?Help on this.


Cop Wheels


well i tried this but because of my laggy computer the traffic is driving everything like 500mph speed,and i have everything turned on on low,well maybe you can help on this.


Notes:No cheats please and yes i am stuck like a stump.



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EDIT: U have v1, i no can do, sry... monocle.gif

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I'll have a go...


For: fireofinferno

Missions: New Model Army, N.O.E., Cop Wheels

Helper: rubregg

Link: here

Status: Complete

Comments: Zero's Shop is an asset now ($5000); there's one extra mission with RC planes in the back room of Zero's shop, but that doesn't count towards 100%. Saved back at the airstrip, a few missions left to do there.


Enjoy! smile.gif


Edited by rubregg
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