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8-Bit Noise

A Question About All The Classic Games

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8-Bit Noise

Well there obviously is a storyline connection in all newer games (GTA 3 and everything after it), but are these games related to that storyline, or do they have their own storyline connection?

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GTA, London 69, and London 61 have no real story to them. They are rack up points sandbox games. GTA2 has a very basic story driven by the respect meter. GTAIII-VCS including Advance are all GTAIII games thus are connected by a single world story that has many stories in it. GTA:IV will be a completely new story arc.


I know that some have tried to connect the full story, but with the massive variations between eras, it just doesn't work.

Edited by jnzooger

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8-Bit Noise

Ok thanks, that cleared things up.

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Some people think Claude Speed (GTA2 guy) ia Claude (GTA3 guy)

thats a connection i guess

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El Burro (the phone mission dealer) from GTA 3 was also in GTA 1. There's a few connections with the old series and the relatively new series, makes sense as most of it is purposely designed to be set in the same universe.

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GTA1 had a storyline, told in the six chapters the game was divided in. However, I think El Burro was the only character to ever return. In the first two chapters you work for a mafia family called Vercotti, so you could probably think of them as the predecessors of the Vercettis moto_whistle.gif

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