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Well yes, my gta 3 radios will not work for some strange reason. I've looked in the fixes topic, but I see nothing about the radios not working. I've installed custom tracks (mp3s) to my game and they work fine so its not my speakers or anything. The radio volume is turned up fully but still I get nothing sad.gif. Also it cant be because of my pc specs, because gta sa runs fine confused.gif .So im really stuck, sorry if this has been asked before or anything, Id really appreciate a reply if you know and fixes for this problem of mine.


thank you in advance.


0mfg0rz ~ lol.gif


Never mind solved the problem , VERY SORRY :z

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Why did you bump a 4 year old topic?

According to the Moderators, it is OK to bump an old topic as long as you have something to add OR if you are experiancing the same problem(s) the topic is about. It is a lot better than creating a new topic(in most cases). Also, since the III section is not very active anymore, it is kind of hard to NOT bump an old topic.? It is ONLY a problem is the bump was to add nothing to the topic or if it is just one word(spam). Just a friendly heads up. tounge2.gif


But, OT- Make sure your Sound card is installed properly and that the drivers are up-to-date.


Also, Is this the Original(DVD) OR a Downloaded copy?

If Downloaded, from where?

Is this the Original CD or a Copy of the CD OR a No-CD crack?

Any Mods/trainers?

Any Daemon tools or the like installed on PC?-these can interfere with games.

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