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How to install cars into Gta3?


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I dont need help with modding i just want to find out how to install cars into the game i have Img tools and that car garge program but im not sure how to work it any help?

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Use the GTA mod installer or read the readme how to use IMG Tool.

I know that when you're trying to install something like a car it may

require IMG Tool. You get a .dff and a .txd. You must add the .dff to gta3.img and the

.txd to txd.img. Txd.img is is your GTA3 Directory, models folder.

GTA3.img is located in the data folder.

Make sure you post in the modding troubleshooting next time because this is for

problems with unmodded gta3.


Moved into the BUSTED group upon request.

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