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[SNP] Vigilante mission


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Mission: Vigilante sub-mission

Link: Saved Game

Notes: The game is saved at the Doherty garage in San Fierro. I stocked up on ammo, armor, and there is a police car and bike in the garage that can be used.

This is version 1.1, please no cheats, trainers, etc.


Thanks! biggrin.gif

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I'll give it a try.


For: beatnik1

Mission: vigilante (level 12)

Helper: rubregg

Link: here

Status: Complete

Comments: phew, that was a bit of work there... wink.gif You didn't have enough / the right weapons, and paramedic and firefighter isn't done yet. You should really do these before you do vigilante. Also I finally went back to LS to do it there, there's more armour and bribes there and I really needed those. So, in the end I had 2 extra save house visits - one after just collecting weapons and another one after using the ammu-nation glitch for extra ammu and making Hitman level for the SMG and the M4. 3rd save back at Doherty with vigilante done. Unfortunately the mission counter went up by 2: just before I could save the game back at SF, Cesar called about one of the (not required) "Big Smoke's Yay/Cash Courier" missions. You can't skip that phonecall - or rather you can, but it counts as a mission attempt each time. Sorry about that, but there was nothing really I could do to avoid it. As you'll see, these calls keep coming on certain weekdays for most of the SF strand of missions.


Enjoy! smile.gif


Edited by rubregg
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Many thanks for taking this on! My apologizes, I didn't realize it would be so much trouble. sad.gif I couldn't get past lvl 8 on it, but I suppose I was using the wrong weapons and not skilled enough.


Thanks again! Much appreciated smile.gif

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Well, I think doing vigilante in SF is quite a bit harder than in LS or in the Badlands: roadblocks & armour & bribes... As for weapons, I really suggest the SMG (2000+ ammu) for drive-bys and an assault rifle (AK47 or M4) and the sniper rifle for long distance kills.


If you can fly alright it's probably easiest to do vigilante in the Hunter (a chopper), but only after you've reached the missions at the desert airstrip. You'll get the Hunter for all golds in flying school.


Glad to help, enjoy the rest of the game smile.gif

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