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Steam + Earth2160 Problem


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I racently Upgraded my PC, and one game i havn't played in a while because i have not been able to run it properly is Earth 2160, so i downloaded it through steam again (as i always do, and has walways worked fine), but when i went to play it, it comes up with this error:


"There was an error authorizing your Earth2160 install.

ERR:Failed to get SteamID.

Please go to:


for help on solving this problem"


So i went to the address given but couldn't find an answer for this error, i searched for it with many different words but no luck.


It doesn't happen with any of my other games i have on steam like Half Life 2, i've actualy never had any problems with steam in the 2+ years i've had it


Has anybody else had this problem, or a problem like this?

I have a feeling it may be a key-logger program or something, cos i recently had a load of trojans on my pc, they are now gone as i reformated but in that time i had the virus, the Steam account may have been hijacked.

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