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Question on how to drive properly..


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Ok I think this is a very dumb question..Apologies in advance. But I really need tips on how to handle a vehicle well. In SA I have loads of trouble turning; I have to keep using the footbrakes (til my car almost go to a stop) to ensure I turn properly.


I tried using the handbrake to drift (i.e. holding RMB and turn simultaneously, then release RMB - that is correct?) and it either makes my vehicle crash onto the other side (due to not turning enough) or, almost everytime, it makes my vehicle spin 180 degrees!! I have never turned properly before.


It took me like more than 20 times to pass the Wu Zi Mu mission, although everyone says that race is really simple. And I had to get a rectangular taxi in that race.


The next mission (Farewell, my love) is even worse cuz I'm stuck with a sportscar. It just keeps spinning out of control and I can't pass it for nuts!!

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It just takes lots of practice. I believe the best set up on PC for all GTA games would be: left arrow key=turn left, right arrow key=turn right, up arrow key to accelerate/go forward, back arrow key to stop and reverse, and space bar as handbrake; that way it would be easier to perform hand brake turns-this is the set up I use and I drive a lot better on PC than I do on PS2. For the wu zi mu mission, I always use the buffalo that is always parked at catalina's place and almost always pass it first time everytime. the farewell my love mission is harder because you don't get to choose your car, you are automatically given one. Hope this helps.

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@radioman: PC users have the mouse. There's no need for keys to steer at all.


@sama: If the ZR350 is spinning for you, you're holding the gas too much. That race IS a simple one. It's just that with others driving with you, you put pressure on yourself to dart ahead as much as possible. But really, a nice, steady pace will do you much better. Anytime you even begin to lose control, you should always take your finger off of the gas.


Other than that, the only general driving tip I can give is that if you ARE beginning to fishtail, steer into it. This means if your backend is drifting to the left, steer left.

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Thanks... I switched to using footbrakes, and planned the route before continuing instead of dashing ahead and crashing into stuff. I managed to pass at second try.

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