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Second Hand Tank


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hey guys. I got through Downtown alright, and am in the second section. I started off in this area doing all the redneck missions. Just got done with the Benson Burner (my god that was hard), and am now on Second Hand Tank. Everything goes right, until I get to the army base. In the walkthough videos I have seen, you just drive right in, the gate is open. However, in my version, for some reason there is a wall, and this yellow thing with a blinking green light, blocking my way.


am I supposed to blow it up or something? I tried breaking it down with a heave vehicle (firetruck), but it won't budge.


Or is there some mission I am supposed to do before hand for another gang?




AMF 4ever. -digital wink.gif

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Well, you are smacking the fire truck anyway, smash it until it almost explodes, then park it next to that yellow blinking thingy and let the fire truck explode. Then you should be able to enter.

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yeah, figured it out. obvious after I tinkered around. Also, the mission is called Tanks-Giving. For some reason, after I completed it, I completed another mission, and the one right after that one was Tanks Giving again. Really odd.




AMF 4ever. -digital wink.gif

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  • 2 months later...

Why do you need to do some crap with firetruck??

Just blow this freaking generator with rocket launcher or molotov. bored.gif

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  • 1 month later...

When it comes to stealing the tank itself, here's a little trick to minimize potential dangers (only works in PC version): when exiting the base, turn to the RIGHT, and head north, over the bridge, and up through the Zaibatsu Village. Take the tank over the railroad tracks, and try to make it into the RV Park from there (the better route is past the spray shop and through Opry RV). You will encounter fewer roadblocks and tanks firing at you.

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