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my computer is a Dell Inspiron 1300, 1GB RAM, Windows XP SP2, Pentium M INSIDE, I dont know what type of videocard it has

I have v2 of SA


My problems are:


when I install ANY mod, the game just freezes halfway on the loading screen and I have to restart to get my computer back to normal, but EVERY time I try to run GTA SA the same thing happends so I always have to reinstall, and I REALLY want to use mods.



when I try to load a saved game file I downloaded from GTAGarage it always places me like it I just started a new game, its really anoying.


Can Someone PLEASE Help me cryani.gif , I'm tired of wasting so much time reinstalling the fr**king game!, suicidal.gif

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Downgrade to version one wink.gif

There is a guide by jarjar somewhere.

Modding SA 2.0.


The simpler way is to just search Google for what is known as a downgrader which will force your game into version one.

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