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Woozie casino mission


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im just wondering what i have to do with the air plane do i have to crash it into the power i cant find out what to do when i crash though it blows up and says mission failed

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lmao, you fly the plane over to the yellow dot in your radar, if it looks like this ^ then you need to go higher, it is a circle you need to fly through then it will tell you to jump out of the plane, use the parachute and float down to the pink marker wink.gif

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Look high up in the sky and you'll find a corona at the spot where the marker is on the map. When you take off, make sure that you fly the plane at a very high altitude as the corona is high up in the sky. While passing through the corona, press Enter to bail out and then parachute onto the red marker at the foot of the dam.

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tommy vs. claude

i cant beleive it took me 6 months to figure that out cryani.gif

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