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I know there is a rule for the amount of requests permitted by a member at the time but as my previous topic was requested to be and locked before it had any replies, I assume I can make this topic?


Name: Dave's Place.


Size: 798 x 180 pixels.


Theme: I'd like it in the theme of a neon cafe light sign.


Resources: Not to be used, simply examples of the kind of thing I'm after. sample 1, sample 2, sample 3.


Colors: Red, white & blue if chosen.


Additional info: A small signature sized one with links to my site would be brilliant too.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t matter if you cancelled your previous request or not, you will still have to wait 10 days before making the new requests. You could just ask the locked topic to be unlocked if you changed your mind. Come back in 10 days.



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