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15,000 Posts, Plus a Lot of Reading


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It almost feels like yesterday when I registered here, more than five years ago under the guise of BansheeBandit. Jesus, I was only 13. I was barely even a teenager.. And now I'm oh so close to leaving those teenage years. Following an accidental banning and new account creation, I decided to stick with my new alias, EmSixTeen, and I have done ever since.


I was always a GTA head even when I was a wee kiddie, and when I discovered a 3D incarnation was released without my knowledge I could have done a sex wee.. It was my ultimate dream of a game, the sort of thing I had literally dreamt about. Like many, I found this site quite randomly whilst on the prowl for GTA3 cheats, glitches and exploits. I was browsing around threads on various forums, and came across a link to here.. I remember it very well, my first night ogling at everything that was the then GTA3Forums.com. Hour upon hour was had with me reading topics about things I was then clueless about, but which fascinated me nonetheless I saw so many things in those early days at GTA3Forums.. Awesome feats such as Homer Simpson's first mods and Spooky releasing his tools, etc. Whilst I had no opportunity to take advantage of these, they got me unashamedly excited. It was a new era for almost everything internet related for me.. Napster was closed, the forums kick-started my new net life. K++ may not have been ideal, but it sure helped me define my newer listening habits, with the aid of other members and awesome skate videos at the time.


So many memories, and I forget almost all of them until someone mentions them.. I really have a terrible ability to drag things out of my mind at will, without a bit of provocation. Even still, a few notables to myself are here (not in much of an order at all)..


For a while, our native graphics scene was thriving around these parts. So many people dabbled in making tripe using downloaded or borrowed copies of Photoshop and (lol) Paint Shop Pro, some actually putting out some real nice stuff. Sig of the Week contests were held with regular occurence, with people actually putting up real competition, and the results were actually something to be proud of. Some amazing designers used to frequent this place, including the likes of BroodofEvil.. Skills sums that up. The Sig Makers Group, ah, that was formed by anuj.. Essentially doing what it's name suggested. From that spawned 2Graphik, which in turn spawned it's own little community. Hell, who remembers DreamScraper? I loved that skin, one of my favourites ever. Props to DirtMonkey. There was even the Sig Makers' Battle League, even earning it's own forum for a time, where people challenged each other to make the better graphics. I wish I'd taken the time to learn more in Photoshop than just the basics and other wee things. smile.gif


What about GTAgangs.com, eh? There's another throw-back for those who remember it. Premium's adopted baby, from Grandal or someone? If that's not who I actually forget, whoopsie, but then again it was five years ago. Liberty City Mafia reprahzent, heh.


Everybody knows of The Pit™. It's notorious amongst the forums' history. It was the admins' play on GTAForums which was named after Gouranga's nickname for this supposed hell hole. Anything went there.. Flaming and everything of the sorts was allowed, though oh-so-many people thought the only intent was to flame in here, when in reality it was there to call out people (or whatever) for being plain f*cking annoying. This place was perhaps the best section of the forums for a good enough while, filled with witty anecdotes and people getting their asses handed to them. Some people made a name for themselves, for sure (though Flash Caz was sigh-worthy, kids..). Things got to an epic scale when good ol' Pierce Brosnan user posted image was around.. For those who aren't aware, this wee lad was the entire forums' chewtoy, the epitome of a n00b, the perfect illustration of the annoyance that brings forth the stereotypes. Of course, I made a topic in The Pit™ - He got on my tits so God-damned much - and things escalated into a 30 page debacle, with the topic straining under the intense weight of the GTAForums bandwagon. Opius even phoned his home and recorded it, though I've lose the mp3. Poor kid, nobody deserved it that bad.. I got the topic locked. That's only one of a few times The Pit™ was something to remember though, and it's a shame that is was discarded. It made a brief comeback for the 2005 April Fool's Day prank, but was of course removed once more. Ppsh, negative vibes my arse. wink.gif


There's been plenty of April Fool's Day pranks around these neighbourhoods, though for those who were around, Hashcake aka #h4k3 was undoubtedly the utter f*cking win. That was the best sh*t ever. Basically, script kiddies done gone hax0red out beloved site, and redirected it to their fantastic forums. Major spammage and general fun was had. There was even a little script to open up your CD drive, like here (doesn't work for newer browsers/WMP).. OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN HAXED. The(ir) forum skin was added to the options here, you can check it out by clicking here. smile.gif #c4k3 brings me on nicely to 1337 sp34k. God, that was nub, haha. 137'5 7YP3 57UP1D 50 N00N3 C4N R34D 17? Y34H!!1 Hell, let's go (- )( `|` |` (- |\/| (-. Wait, extreme is quite a bit OTT, lolz. There were even topics filled with nothing but leet speak, and.. Well, let's just say, thank f*ck it's essentially gone. Yo.


Oh my God, I found a digital camera in the woods! Maybe the most epic moment unrelated to GTA in GTAForums' history. Jesus, that was some hilarious stuff. The original thead is gone now, which is a shame. Across at SomethingAwful was a prank thread, where a member posted a topic of how he had found a digital camera in the woods, and ther were still pictures on it.. What he had done though, was photoshopped all of the photos, adding in eerie effects and extra bits and bobs, which people started to point out. I think the thread ended pretty quickly at SA, but DieselGT posted it word for word over here, and the forum got sucked up. Everything went to plan. People analysing the photos to their deaths, with the ultimate conclusion of the thread's hilarity and absolute self-ownage coming from vALKYR™. The thread was like a huge rush, and at the time it provided GTAForums with it's highest ever users online, what with it being posted all across the interwebs and everyone and their mother reading and most likely giggling like a girl.. Epic stuff. Good sh*t though, really good sh*t. YO, VALKYR, I'M 99.99999999% SURE THAT THIS THREAD WAS ONE OF THE BEST GTAFORUMS EVER HAD. catspider.gif


I don't even know where to start with the $ouh $ide Hoodz.. Clearly, we're the most laid-back kick-ass gang ever to grace the forums. That's what happens when you were the first ever Official gang. cool.gif We made the firts chat topic, too.. Thank f*ck all that has disappeared though. I remember asking if chat topics could be done away with way back when, after I saw the error of my ways heh. So many memories in with these guys. Worl War, Plat'num Pimpz, OB and his crazy vanilla hair or other idiotic things, Juve and his breadstick.. Mentioning these doesn't even start to cut it. Been with 'em since around when I joined in '02, and I'll never be leaving. Forum sharing with Love Media and our general alliance was an epic motherf*cker. Little known fact - Cerbwang originated from this.. We had a piss-take 'Hot Chests' thread, and Cerb posted.. Seemed like he was wearing a little too little. I forget which poor sod found the picture first, but they sure made up for their own grievances. Roffles@Dirtmonkey's (sh*t, was it him?) 100 page long topic too, where he posted again and again to make up his post count. Haha. I'd write way f*cking more if I wasn't so tired.


Then there's IRC. This place is my mainstay, as much as if not more than the forums themselves in the past couple of years. From Gamesnet to Mikernet to GTANet to sysnode where we're at today, there's always been a rock-hard little community here. Multiplayer notepad might be some peoples' first impressions of IRC, but #sysnode fills me with glee - If only for when I /quit. tounge.gif Come visit, we're not all as ignorant as you think.


Whilst here, I've broken my nose twice, my collarbone twice (it's a state now), my finger, my hand, and my knuckle, and also scooped out part of the flesh in front of my shin. I've had braces which are long since gone. I've went through grammar school, gotten my GCSEs, left for college, and f*cked it up.. Then f*cked it up again because apparently I don't work. I've had a job in an ice-cream shop, another in Sainsbury's where I got fired for attempted theft (sigh, bullsh*t), and after a two year gap am currently working in B&Q night-shift.. God, the hours suck, it's boring as hell. I've met up with IRCers from an old community, and co-organised the first two GTAForums meet-ups resulting in the most awesome of times with folks I had only known through text previously. I was in Official Xbox Magazine as Gamer of the Month, I've won a PGR2 tournament, and was voted 9th overall kudos/speed player in the same game. I've been somewhat addicted to CS, CoD2, Battlefield 2, PGR3, Forza, Quake and many other games. I've loved the eSports centre downtown, GAMETHEWORLD, had good times there, and met some good friends. Been to a CS LAN and played with a broken collarbone. I've skated, and despite having nobody to skate with any more, still try to. I've had bad times, and great. I've lived on my own with my Mum, moved to Wales and lived with my Mum & her boyfriend & his kids, moved back to Northern Ireland and lived with my Gran since - Including four months on the sofa. I've seen The White Stripes, New York Dolls, Peaches, System of a Down, HIM, Jimmy Eat World and DJ Plus One live.


I could write so f*cking much more (and wanted to), but for the sake of both myself and anybody reading, I'll just stick in a few keywords from my memory from days gone by, again in no order. After all, I've been meaning to finish this topic for f*cking ages. No member names though, I'd be writing all day:

Chang's Mongolian Grill, Shifty's Club, Dead Presidents, Zero Factor Design, Worl War, Odie, mTurk, Genovese Family, Photoshopping Quik, Battlefield 2, PGR2, argh feck that I can't start I'll write for a week.


I've come to seriously dislike and in some cases hate people I used to respect, and on the flipside grown to enjoy the presence of others who I couldn't stand. But, in no real order whatsoever, here's that thing where I list some people that make me all wet:


Kutthroat - Man, I miss him. I really do. Shane was an awesome person, and I'm sure we all know this.

GOODFELLA - Bloc Party, backpacking, Tesco's and batty shoes don't even start to cut it.

Haifaiv - Shame you can't make it this year, gonna miss yer Scottish arse.

papanesta - Get on the bed and spread your legs again for me.

Pandazoot - Gimme mah Viz kthx.

Pavlov - Such a cool dude, can't wait 'til Par-ee.

Admiral - Now what's this stupid idea that's got into your head, eh?

Premium - We used to talk all the time, way back when.. At the time you were my Aussie hip-hop and graphical brother. Good memories.

b3nd0r - Fun stuffs.

40ozFreak - True love.

dajiggaman69 -

.:R2D2:. - We should really meet up some time. Aye.

WidowMaker - S'up Hamish.

Rufus - Long time no speak hombre.

eggburt - *hug*

Svip - FACE.

Chunky Lee Chong - Yo, get your ass to Paris, feck Texas. We need to iron some floors.

Kotsudaira - Reppin' the dairy produce.

The Eye of Sauron - LoTR sux.

Sauron06 - .. yeah, it kicks ass really.

PSXtreme - Yeah, this is where I say <3 luminosity.

Insanemustang - fags.

Liar_pantsonfire - ARRRRR.

Rotten. - (:

Doody the Klown - You raped me at UT2k4.. Play Q3. sad.gif

CaliGangstar - ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!

Moonshield. - dragon kick.

Tsuroki - Yeooo.

anuj471 - Yeah, I nicked your cop car avatar as soon as I joined.. Oh aye.

Moto. - Gfx bbz.

Weedy - </3 emo. <3 Weedy.

W_J_F - Get on more, Jamie.

-videopoker- - You bloody cripple. <3

Alfresco - Element split up, mate.

Trows - Trowd*

Raindancer - Almost forgot about you mate.. Whoa. Muchos love. <3

BrassKnuckles - Never really spoken to you too much, but like I've said before, if I ever had a respect list you'd be on it.

Mary - w00t, there it is!

eggbot - ?back

Anyone from past who left amicably from $$H, and every current member.

The cool cats from Love Media


Most of The Precinct

Most of Parcel Force

Everyone that was at Dreamscraper

2G crew

+ many others as my memory sucks.


And last but not least SaraBella, who is the most important of all.


So, who am I to the wee'uns? I'm Aaron, I've been here for more than five years, I have 15,000 posts and counting, I have a couple of karma stars, I'm a co-leader in the official gang the $outh $ide Hoodz, I look forward to GTA4 silently, and I have had some great times at this sh*tty forum. Thanks for (more than likely not) reading, I guess. That's pretty much it.


A few random photos, screenshots, and other pictures.




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Hayden Stasven

Okay that's way too much to read. Well, nice to see you've enjoyed yourself here. Thank you, come again. tounge.gif



I was always a GTA head even when I was a wee kiddie, and when I discovered a 3D incarnation was released without my knowledge I could have done a sex wee.. It was my ultimate dream of a game, the sort of thing I had literally dreamt about. Like many, I found this site quite randomly whilst on the prowl for GTA3 cheats, glitches and exploits.


Oh yeah, that was sooo me. happy.gif

New account: Hayden.

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Then here comes the Kiwi. Five years eh, scary. Hard to imagine so many of you have been here all that time, I haven't even had a friend for that long dontgetit.gif . Congrats man.

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Congrats man, 15,000 is quite a feat.


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15K 15 73h p4wn4g3!


edit: congrats, by the way

Edited by farrugia
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i read about half of that and thought it must have been over, scrolled down on the screen and there was more! wow.gif


Grats on the 15K smile.gif


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Finally got around to writing it then, eh?


I. Read. It. All. icon14.gif


I can only remember very little of what you posted unfortunately, most noteably mTurk, Pierce Brosnan, catspider.gif and the GTAF CoD2 game or games, can't remember. There needs to a be a few more of them.


Congrats and stuff on the post count, will be in the Hoodz with you for a long time to come I expect. smile.gif

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15K damn. wow.gif


Congrats on your milestone mate.


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*gta star*

Quite an achievement indeed, seen you around and you're a nice guy.


Congrats once again, hopeully many more milestones to come.



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Biggest milestone I've seen in a long time.


Congrats on 15k, it's a big milestone and you should be proud



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Hayden Stasven

Muahaha. I just hit the 1k mark. This'll be 1001. Does it please you to post my 1001 post in your 15K topic? I sure hope so. tounge.gif

New account: Hayden.

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Congratulations mate, 15K, and all good quality sh*t. Very impressive.


Like Parky said, it would be nice to see you on BF2 for a few rounds again. Is your GFX card still fuxed? You know the link to the forums, anyway come see us again. smile.gif


EDIT: And you, Pancho!

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just another thug

Hoozah Em. Keep on rocking man.

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15K is a healthy total for a Cheese Loving Assault Rifle, wouldn't it be great if you could cash in your post count for money.


See you at 20



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Dreamscraper brings back a lot of memories. Congratulations on accumulating a lot of posts.

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I am on more than you think man. It is just finding the motivation to touch the keyboard and actually post that is the hard part.


Also congratulations(?) on your acheivment.




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Nick Papagiorgio

Quite an interesting read.



15K is helluva lot.

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Congrats! that was a really good read, im still laughing at Pierce Brosnans head hahaha.


you have contributed alot to these forums and im glad you havent left smile.gif



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You've always rocked my socks Aaron,


gratulations are in order I think!


btw #cake skin rules.

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well done man. Lets hope your around to make a sh*tload more milestones. congrats.


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Congratulations SemenExit.

That's quite a story and brings back some fond memories. Let's make some more that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif

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Can't believe I didn't notice this before.


Respect doesn't get higher than this guy right here. Congrats Aaron, 15k is some feat. You're a true friend, that's something to be greatfull to gtaf for I guess. Can't wait till Paris man, it's gonna kick arse.



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