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[SnP] Learning To Fly


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Missions: Learning to Fly (optional - driving school)


Link: Saved game - v1


Notes: Saved at the airstrip. I don't care if you do all golds, but you can if you want to be extra nice - I really just want to get to the missions/Las Venturas. The savegame will say that cheats were enabled, but it was just the one to get vehicle skills. The driving school is killing me too, but I understand if you don't want to go all the way back to San Fierro. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry guys just bumping these SNP topics that havent been dont so they get done

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For: Roachgodd

Mission: Learning to Fly (gold), Back to School (gold)

Helper: HerrieM

Link: Here

Notes: Enjoy

Edited by HerrieM
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