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Niko Bellico

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Niko Bellico

im trying to download a update for my psp to and wene im doing it it shows its a zune icon(firefox and its not supposed to be zune because everything i download shows zune icon then wene its finished downloading it says its corrupt or whatever) how can i change this and what should i change it to...





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Fozzy Fozborne

By updating your PSP you mean firmware upgrade I'm assuming.


If you're using firefox, just click tools, options, and on the main tab, change the directory to your desktop. Now copy the firmware file to wherever it goes on the PSP (I don't have a PSP so I'm not exactly sure how you upgrade firmware).

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I think all you have to do to upgrade psp firmware is be in a wifi zone, or have the cable connected to your psp; then on your psp click check for updates, then upgrade firmware.

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The idiot-proof way is to buy the newest games released. They usually have the firmware right there on the UMD.

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He's home-brewing it with the firmware, wants a non-official release is my assumption.

In which case, his problem seems not to be the updating of the file,

but the downloading of all files.


Note that he mentions "Zune" is constantly what his firefox is downloading, and "Zune" is NOT his target file, so something is horribly wrong there.


So, when he downloads "dertyjerzian and the chocolate factory.img" ph34r.gif he recieves "Zune.EXE"


I this correct Niko Bellico? If so, what are you running for anti spyware? Spyware aside, when was the last time you reinstalled firefox? I find I have had to do it twice, and once almost had to because my bookmarks vanished, I found them though. Your problem sounds like a crossed thread somewhere...


is it Zune the game, or to do with Zune the player? This can make a difference too. Zune, if I recall correctly is a bubble-popper/puzzle game as well as an MP3 play (M$'s iPod). Internet games are BAD.


Hope this helps somewhat. See ya.

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