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George W. Bush


Exception At Address: 0x005C2D01Registers:EAX: 0x80002600	EBX: 0x009789A4	ECX: 0x80000000	EDX: 0x0000004CESI: 0x02433E90	EDI: 0x0012F1D0	EBP: 0x0012F224	ESP: 0x0012F190EFLAGS: 0x00210286Stack:0x0017A6400x0018007F0x800000000x0000A1B60x009789400x005AACE90x000000000xE0ADED200x424C00000x009789A40x000000000x00187A800x001838A40x000000000xE0ADED200x424C00000x6D9E0BDE0x000000000x00187A800x02433E500x0012F2300x02690ED80x02433E500x005095010x02433E50



This never happened, Why now everytime it starts moving to the choose player area it just pops that up.

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I ALWAYS get this error either before I choose my caracter or while I'm playing. I DONT WHAT IT IS BUT ITS ANNOYING! Actually I do know its the vc mp bug but they are tryign to fix it in the newer version!

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if this happens on a regular basis, my say is, something screwed up your gta vc. just reinstall gta vc and vcmp

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I know this problem

This is bad write sever mod, may be weapons

crashes in VC-MP: Snipers etc

May be this i beaten operation plate

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