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Stowaway mission...


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A'ight so I hit the forward button and acceleration button and go through the fbi etc etc dodging barrels through the left side of the plane, Then when I see I'm close enough I steer to the right and catch up to the ramp; Once I hit the ramp nothing happens, I just hit it and at one point I fell of the bike for basically trying to drive in it. Then mission failed...



FFS I have no clue wtf is wrong. I'm thinking it's either settings or maybe something missing in my data folder.. Iono... plz help me though... (pc version btw)

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I'm thinking it's either settings or maybe something missing in my data folder..

Why would you think something was missing in your data folder? Have you modded your game?


This is not a troubleshooting issue.


I don't know what the issue is. Your description has me scratching my head, but only because you start off to the right of the plane, so I'm not sure why you'd approach from the left and swerve right. Anyways, since you're on PC, if you haven't actually modded the code of your game, you can use Mission Passers to pass Stowaway.

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I'd rather not. I swerved in from both left and right sides of the planes and both are good at gaining speed (With the forward button pushed ofcourse) It's just the part about touching the ramp. I touch it and it doesn't do a cutscene an the plane continues on.


And no no mods, this game is cheat and mod free. I told myself I would add mods when im done with all my missions so I won't get anything corrupted.



I was thinking maybe the cutscene for it was in the data folder and it's missing or something, or maybe a line in the script to initiate it is missing, iono. Just guesses.


I would use mission passers but I wanna do this legit. =/

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