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I love GTA's 3, Vice City, and Liberty City Stories to death. I'm replaying ALL of them right now. Anyway...


Don't get me wrong, I do love GTA. But what the hell is it with these miserable side missions? Most aren't even any fun, especially the ambulance missions. What misery. And I wouldn't sweat it if I just didn't get the infinite sprint, but you need it to get 100%. It's total BS. I alway start the ambulance mission, first thing, to get it over with. But on LCS, on the PSP...it's practically unbearable.


Now I see there's garbage can missions that go toward your percentage...and offer no reward. What a load. It really pisses me off.


I have a habit of flinging my controller at the TV screen when I finally snap. And this is on PSP...I don't feel good about continuing to play this game.

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i feel your pain, im replaying VCS and last night im almost broke my psp in half. suicidal.gif

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