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[REQ] GTA IV Car transparent


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Name: No name

Size: Within regulation

Theme: GTA IV

Colors: The ones that come with the pic

Resources: http://files.gtanet.com/images/3453_gta_iv_trailer.jpg

Additional info: I just want the car from that screen, I would like the rest of the image to be .png transparent. I was thinking perhaps a dropshadow on the car, but I'm not sure how that'd look.


I suck with transparency so I'm asking for anyone's help. Thanks. smile.gif

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ahhh confused explain more

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user posted image



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Thanks everybody, I'm saving them all to my PC and I'll probably switch them around every once in a while. smile.gif


Right now I'm gonna go with Xtremev's, superb work man.

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No, It's from the HD...my monitor is all wonky, so it's hard to tell when I've got something right. Also, I'm using Frame Capture FX (free program I DL'd) - is there a better program I should be using? I have Adobe Premiere, but that seems a little overboard just for a screencap. I'll try and 'spruce it up,' cause I like the shot/angle...oh, and I'll reattach the driver's side mirror. blush.gif


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