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The Chase & Phnom Phen 86

JD'O Cool

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The Chase


You can kill the Shark Leader without Mission Failed!


I chased the Sharks leader to Prawn Island but I stopped at the bottom of the hill! The BF Injection is there parked outside Mansion. I went up to a crowd of gangmembers and the Shark Leader shot at them. Eventually one will go up and shoot at the Leader...blowing up the car! biggrin.gif Then you can go up and the CutScreen will happen, showing nothing going up in the mansion!


Phnom Phen 86


You can kill Lance after he drops you down!


After he drops you down he will hover over at the corner of the Studio gates! Go over there and zoom in with the sniper rifle and you can shoot him out of the heli! He will miraclously fly to you after you collect the briefcase.



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Nice find... I'm always looking for another instance to kill Lance.


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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