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hey guys,


ive been attempting the mission CUT THROAT BUSINESS like 30 million times and i cannot seem to do it!! sad.gif


i follow OG LOC upto the pier...get into the go-kart...and then after we turn into the first left onto the bridge on the beach.....for some reason i lose control of the go kart, (could be do to my own skills :S ) and loc just speeds away into the distance...and the mission ends saying YOU LOST OG LOC...


i cannot seem to keep up with him..what am i doing wrong? did anyone else experience this?

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Well, i do think it comes down to driving skill at this point. I have heard of people who can't complete this mission because of there low end system, but than the problem should already occure at the Vortex chase.


Try not to stay directtly at the bumper of OG Loc's kart, because the closer you are the faster he goes. At some points it is easier to take the beach in stead of the sidewalk route. It should be relatively easy as long as you don't crash.


If you have a pc version and really can't complete it make a SnP request. Do read the rules for making a request first.


Good luck.

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Snp is Save n Play

You can upload ur savegame here


& then post a request in this format:


Missions: mission name(s) hereLink: the URL to your saved game hereNotes: anything you want the helper to be aware of when they do your mission for you


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awesome...thanks for that....if anyone can try do this mission for me, id appreciate it.



Link: http://gtasnp.com/3399

Notes: Please attempt this mission for me, and save once it is complete. thanks very much smile.gif

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