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SA path tool


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Sorry for bumping this rather old topic... eh eh...


First off, Deniska, I LOVE your scripts. (both the dff export for the vertex lighting, and the pathtool) I've finally got the the hang of it, and it's actually very easy to use and make the proces of building paths and testing them a LOT faster. (mostly because of the automatic compiler!) Really, Great work icon14.gif


But I have a question. My trafficlights seem to act a bit weird. They work, but when cars take a green light and then go around the corner, they wait for the other red light sometimes. (the other direction, 90 degrees rotated towards the previous light) I have a nod in the middle of the cross section, just like in the original SA, and I apply all directions correctly I hope. (the light facing the orientation) Is there any way to solve my little problem? confused.gif



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  • 1 year later...

It works, you need to click the link then click the same link on the following page. It is an error page or something, or a page about hotlinking, I don't know, I can't read russian.


Tool is in English, thankfully. Just look at the download link, and see that link on the page where it led to, it will work.

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  • 5 months later...
  • 7 months later...


Out of curiosity, how big is your mod, Den?


in IMG about 4000 new objects by me (not convert from anywhere)

and about 1500 made by Myhajlo and team...

I working with east and team working with west side of map...


So about paths... look at picture


user posted image


This just main roads for cars and some ped paths...beleave me - its working...

As you see - selected shape not few meters (its few kilometers)... So i dont

know why its not working for AAD... Also one way traffic and highway working too...

Yes, have 2 limits for path shapes

1 - only 1 spline

2 - shapes must be opened


I dont think what it is error...



For instance, with the (off topic) dff script, no matter what settings I choose, it ALWAYS export very bright dff, so I must export only 1 dff at a time with Kams


May be you have very ligth prelit, or white NVC... So PM me how you prelit your model

and ill try help you...

would you help please, what do i wrong?

ingame i must wait 1 minute till cars appear, then they drive around the first point


download maxfiles (3dmax7) and nodes.dat


could you show again a screenshot with correct splines


user posted image

no traffic lights created, i just set pathwith to 1.0 and left lanes to 0, then pressed store button



Edited by ZAZ
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  • 5 months later...

maybe weird to bump this topic but lately im getting this error > see screeny




user posted image


it only conflicts at 1 newly created line, recreating that line and trying again doesnt work also i have tried


- creating new max file and draw lines in there and export ( sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt work) and i get the same error


so i was hoping that someone could help me out with this strange error.



Dont imitate, recreate or copy just get your own ideas. Simplicity makes difficulty easy

Just for dev's of the myriad team http://www.aadblaauw.6x.to/

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  • 4 years later...


QUOTE (steve-m @ Jul 5 2007, 17:33) That happened with my tool as well, though. I guess we're missing something in the file format. What I remember is that this happened at area borders, where a node is connected to a node of another file. I managed to get rid of some of them by avoiding navi node links across borders, but that didn't solve the problem completely.


As for the delayed crashes, SA streams path area files on demand, so it's likely there's an error in (at least) one of the files and the game crashes when you get near it, but works fine when you're not.

all point in navi nodes - lets make compare between 2 nodes

1 node = (areaID1, nodeID1)

2 node = (areaID2, nodeID2)


So 1>2 if areaID1>areaID2 or else if nodeID1>nodeID2


Now - navi node always have direction from 2 to 1 if 2>1 and

from 1 to 2 if 1>2


And more info -

navi links for each node must be sorted too...


I tested special at borders of zones - and no crashes for me...


question - did you try my tool ?


QUOTE But I can imagine that the "intersection behaviour" is just a flag that makes cars continue driving till they reached the next node. Maybe it is like the TrafficLights with N S W E


in original SA paths - this parameter is "1" if TRAF LIGHT have direction same as

navi node.... And "0" - if another...






Can someone please explain this again. Is an old thread but I am having the issue of "super sonic car speed/warping".

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