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accidental cheats


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i have san andreas for pc. this is the second time i accidently typed in a cheat, which is strange, because the first time i was just pressing the keys for driving i have set, which are WASD and i typed in a cheat apparently but im not sure which. so i reloaded. and just now the same kind of thing happend. i was driving a forklift, and the keys i was using were just W,A,S,D,I,K. the k and i are for the forklift part of it. anyway, ll of the sudden a stuntplane popped uandtsaid cheat activated. ill have to check and see what the stuntplan cheat i, but i find this odd. please inform me if uhave any info on this problem.

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please inform me if uhave any info on this problem.

There is no problem. You inadvertantly type in a cheat and it executes. You had the right idea by looking up the cheat you keep typing in.


Besides, we couldn't help you anyways. You've given us no information. Should you ever have a genuine troubleshooting need, consult the pinned posting requirements thread and post accordingly.

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