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missions:robbing uncle sam ,running dog

link: http://gtasnp.com/3370

notes:um there should be some really nice cars in the garage at the johnson house if u want u can take em for a ride they have nitruose to but dont blow em up and then save kk casue dey caust money and um. just do the missions robbing uncle sam and running dog

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EDIT: I just checked with EXE v2 and it did not work, so I am re-doing them now with the original EXE (v2). Been using the downgraded EXE for MP.


OK here you go, using the correct EXE this time around smile.gif

Robbing Uncle Sam & Running Dog completed.


Note: One or more cheats seems to be activated in your game, at least I kept getting a warning telling me that, and that it could possibly harm savefiles. No problem here, though. I did not use any of your cars nor any money, only a couple of rounds with the SMGs to get rid of the weekend warriors.

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