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Crazy lag!


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I am playing San Andreas with nVidia 6800GT with all settings on Low and resolution at 800x600. And for some reason the highest FPS I can get is 40.


What the hell is this? I can play some cool games like Half-Life 2 with all on High, same with FEAR and Stalker. And they are much newer than SA. So how in hell is it so that even with all settings on Low it lags so much it is impossible to play.


These are my specs:


nVidia GeForce 6800GT

AMD Ahtlon 3000+

1024 Mb RAM

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Well there is a frame limiter which is a bit essential to the timing of a lot of things working properly, so it is enabled automatically unlike most other games. But if it is lagging that probably means it is hitting patches where the frames are lower than they would have to be to be affected by the frame limiter anyway, which probably shouldn't happen too often on that computer.

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This is a SAN ANDREAS forum. How other games play is quite irrelevant. Also, there is a pinned posting requirements. Telling us what video card you have isn't enough.


Since you have forced us to work in the dark, here's what I believe is happening: It worked fine before (which you were required to tell us). You've since updated your vidcard drivers. Now this. If this is what happened, delete your SET file, reconfigure your game, and you will be right as rain.

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