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need help with robbing uncle sam


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yes yes i tried getting out of forklift and blasting gaurds after evry box or during evry box but nothing ever works the closest ive gotten was one box left then he dies can somepne tell me an easy way or help me under stand demarests missions pssers . if u go to here pinned topic about mission passer explain for me i quoted what i dont get and if u know an easy waay out of it wth out the mission passers then be my guest to explain

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the easiest way IS getting out of the forklift and shooting the guards.So,if you r not able to do it then try using the rifle.if you r going and taking the boxes get out quickly if you hear any shooting sounds.Dont run with the heavy rifle.Change your weapon to a light-weight gun ONLY FOR RUNNING.after reaching near the van take out your rifle and kill those soldiers. (TIP:if you r having difficulty with the boxes dont worry.Just get out of the garage but remain in the forklift.go beside the garage(not the side where the other two boxes r kept).u will see 3 boxes kept at that side.pick them up and put them in your van). cool.gifdie.gifmuppetmaster_karma.gif

PBM cold blue fire

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