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? about modding

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confused.gif So if you replace a...bobcat with a ford will it have the same attributes as the bobcat or what???????

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I answered your question you posted in the vehicle showroom already:



Only if it has the same handling file will it have all the same aspects of acceleration, turning, top speed, etc. It may be slightly different due to certain technical reasons, but it'll most likely be very similar.


And yes, unless you replace the sound file your self, it will have the same engine sound.


To further that though, some vehicles such as the cabs and taxis will still work as those, with the side missions and stuff. And some vehicles with special things, like the fire truck will still shoot water and stuff. BUT, vehicles like the fire truck need certain parts in the files to function, so you can't just go replacing them with regular cars, they need to be made to replace the fire truck (or other special vehicle, like the tow truck, fork lift, packer, dozer, etc).

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So do most download files have all that stuff then??? dontgetit.gif

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Depends purely on the modeller. Usually they include handling lines, default lines, carcol lines etc.


But as I said, depends how good/busy/lazy the modeller is.

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Yeah...I think most of these m8s r good mod pplz So thanks m8 biggrin.gif

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Wait I have 1 more ?... Does all of the SA mods work on SAsecond edition too or what???? (im new to modding)(And im dumb) suicidal.gif

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They can if you do it right, but modding version two is complicated (for beginners at least). Search around and you'll find a topic on how to add car mods into version 2.

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