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The XTrainer


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What is the XTrainer?

It's a trainer I started a month ago.


What features does it have?

-Every single Car/Bike spawnable with choices of spoosh or no spoosh.


-Time Controler - Freezes/Unfreezes and you can also toggle though the hours/minutes

-Weather changer

-Screen Shooter

-Tommy able to become ghosted


And a whole bunch of more stuff I don't have time for typing right now. tounge.gif


Other Info:

The launcher for the trainer is in .bat format because my PC crashed and I havn't had time to compile an EXE. So sorry for that. But it all works fine and report any bugs to me. B)

Oh and it's for vice city lol.






Click Here

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Cool, been looking for a VC car spawner. Looking forward to the proper exe version.

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