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Problem with Windows Vista.


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I see that a lot of people running VC in Win Vista have problems. I thought that Pentium 5 must be much better than XP. For instance, my is XP, so it runs perfectly. But my problem is that mine is notebook. Compact, but awfull computer. HP is the worst model of Laptops. U can lock, but please reply than lock. I see that alot of people here play on PS2, XBOX, etc... confused.gif

Previously banned member malibudance and vercetti84.


Add lili_86 and lyovik to the list.


With love, Fuzzy.

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lili_86, could you care to explain what you're posting about? It doesn't quite make sense...

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Vista works on Vice City. If you want even further proof or satisfaction, can you give to me your system specs?


Compare it to this guy: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=270679 "But, VC is running, I am a happy camper."


He runs Vice City flawlessly on Windows Vista Ultimate. yawn.gif

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