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Disappearing Textures


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Your Search option was down, and you guys literally have HOURS worth of stuff to search through on this board.


Before I begin, here are the configuration of my comp so you may know of any basic issues I may have overlooked from a hardware standpoint.


ECS nFORCE 4M-A Socket AM2 Motherboard

AMD 2.4Ghz Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor

3.5 GB's 667 DDR2 Ram

GeForce 7900GS 512MB 16x PCI Express Vidcard

Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Music Soundcard

Aver Media TV To Go 7 Video Capture Card

16x DVD Burner

2 120GB Seagate Harddrives

1 160GB Western Digital Harddrive

Windows XP Operating System with SP2 and all the updates and work arounds.


Now down to brass tacs, I have an issue with disappearing textures in GTA SA.


I bought and installed version 2.0 USA (I know, poor bastard is me, but I had the PS2 version, so I was in no rush to buy the older version.), So I downgrade it to 1.0 to make my mods work, but have all these friggin' sound glitches and errors. So I first I try to use the USA 1.01 patch since I don't give a flying rats ass about poorly done polygons scrogging, but it won't update! So I go looking around... and BOOM find out I now have Euro trash on my comp LoL.


So I find the Euro 1.01 patch upgrade and poof, sound problems gone. I get back to modding. I've since added a modest collection of 28 replacement cars, all high poly, very nice cars.


I also installed a massive mod called SRT3 Final which is a high resolution pack for GTA San Andreas. I've installed the Hot Adrenaline Effect 1.01 mod, Grim's Weapon Pack III, No Rust and Dirty Mod (Because a few of my add on cars had issues with the dirty car textures for some reason, and kept having screwed up textures as a result.), Tony Rasta's Real Plant Textures, No Roadblocks, and Open SCM


Now I have ran games that are much MUCH more graphic intensive than San Andreas, can we say Elder-Scrolls IV Oblivion anyone? and I know I have the graphical horsepower to pull this off... I run Need for Speed: Carbon fully cranked to the gills on this machine without any problem, and sure as hell tank a PS2 right under the table. Hell My comp makes a friggin' PS3 feel a little short.


I've gone everywhere, tried everything including screw around with my Stream.ini file. Does ANYONE know any fixes that will solve this problem, or can they direct me to a topic on this board that has a solution for the problem? I do NOT want to go to basic GTA San-Andreas because I just can't even look at the original game anymore after all the work I've done to this badboy.

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The pinned posting requirements doesn't take hours to read. If your SA works, then you can't post in SA Troubleshooting. You altered the game and it doesn't work like you'd want. The reason and solution are both crystal clear whether you're interested in hearing it or not.
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Fine attitude to have dude. There has gotta' be a fix somewhere to allow it to do this. I know there is alot going on under the hood, but come on, I've had games with 3D Models that were of much greater poly count on average than any of these add ons I've put into the game.


It just strikes me that there should be SOME kind of fix for this bad boy. Something small, something to deal with a configuration file.


To me this is trouble, and I'm so far, shooting in the dark. Eventually these disappearing textures become so bad the game is virtually unplayable, as everytime I so much as move CJ around, textures start disappearing and reappearing at a rapid rate when it's at it's worst.


I've gone EVERYWHERE. I've tried just about EVERYTHING. Now there has got to be some hot shot out there who can tell me what I need to do. And yes I've gone through your FAQ's. I wouldn't have posted ANY PC information if I hadn't. Nothing there helped this issue.


There are a number of people who have completely modified San Andreas inside and out that for some reason just do not have the issues I have. I don't know them personally, just from looking at these various forums and such. I've pegged them with emails each, and haven't recieved word in DAYS.


All I'm asking for is a little assistance. That's all. That's what this forum is here for. To help GTA San Andreas players and modders alike.

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Attitude? You mean like not accepting the truth because it's not what you want to hear? I spoke the truth. I have no investment one way or the other. If you can't handle the truth, it makes no difference to me. But don't call it something it's not just because you don't care for it.


Again, this is the SAN ANDREAS forum. What you have is a modded game. It worked before, now it doesn't. You did something wrong or the modders did something wrong or you're using two mods together that don't work well together... Whatever the problem is, A) YOU introduced it to your game and B) it is ineligible for THIS forum. If you're insistent on finding somebody out there who's used the exact same set of mods, experienced the same issue, AND was able to pinpoint the culprit, the place to petition for it is in the MOD troubleshooting forum. THAT is what this forum and that forum is for. I've learned things from these forums and I've taught things on these forums. I thank you kindly to spare me your lecture of forum operations when you refuse to consult pinned topics and feel you are free to post where you please, regardless of how off topic it might be.

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Suction Testicle Man

What Dem is trying to say is this should have been posted in Editing Discussion.. I'll move you there now.


As for your problem - screenshots may help me or somebody else recognise the particular issue you're having.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail, and the test will be terminated.

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Still I didn't come on acting like anyone owed me damn money, no excuse for the reception I got. Could have just quietly suggested to a moderator to move my topic. Didn't have to post or anything. My philosophy has always been, if you can't post something nice or helpful, then shut the f*ck up.


It's all gravey anyways, went to a modding forum, found what I need there. Won't be back here, promise.

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I have this problem also, I have installed and replaced 4 vehicles with modded ones and the objects are going mad flashing constantly, I really hope there is a solution because it seems unfair that we cannot install the mods, one of the main reasons why I bought SA for the PC as well as PS2.

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I have got the same issue since I got the game (and started modding it) a number of years ago. Still version 1, euro.



Here is a screenie:


user posted image


I've got all cars & bikes modded in the game, plus a number of aircraft. Im not surprised the textures are screwed up but sincehopes are the dreams of the waking man, I post this in anticipation of possible solutions.

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