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A Vice City Story


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It was a sunny day in the city of sun and phil cassidy was just waking up in his trailer when there was a knock at the door...

phil pulls himself out of bed and see that theres a guy with a ski mask peering through his window...

then it hit him...THE BOOMSHINE DEALERS!phil missed his payment on his order of 400 tons of boonshine...phil stood there thinking to himself whether he'd drank all the boomshine or he'd lost it all in the corrupt city of vice city.


But phil was soon snapped out of his boomshine fueled head when he heard the the boomshine dealer yell"hey armless phil..i want my money"...

luckily he had a back door leading out of the junk yard into a boat yard...

and so phil was on his way to prawn island..which was the safest place he knew...

he could n't go to tommy cause he'd already caused him enough trouble the first time with boomshine...he could n't even go to his pal ken rosenberg since he'd gone to san andreas to invest in a casino...


so phil drove his peice of old junk boat to prawn island but the dealers were already there waiting for him...


"we know everything you do ol phil ma boy"and with that they took him by his arm and drove to their hideout


to be continued...


this is the first part...give comments and if you guys like it ill make the 2nd part smile.gif

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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