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San Andreas War II


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Hey all, on gtaforum.nl I started this mod already but now i'm looking for some recruits. My mod is gonna make a war zone for GTA SA where you can play a minigame.


The minigame goes like this :

You walk into a marker, you get teleported to the war zone and

the army comes to you, starts shooting, tanks are coming, .... like a real war.


The war zone is the RC Battleground of the mission New Model Army. My goal is to copy that map to somewhere in the sea. On that map there are going to be paths for the army and for helipcopters and tanks ? Also some spawnpoints are going to be needed : a tank, a hunter, patriot. I made a army outfit for CJ that is going to be used so thats 1 thing done, now the rest.


I need people that can :


- code

- copy the map to the sea

- make a path for peds

- make spawnpoints




Skin: 100 %

Spawns: 0 %

Markers en enexes: 0 %

Bunkers, sniper: 0%

Map movement: 0%

Coding: 0%


If someone wants to help post here and / or add ---> [email protected]



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