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Name: A.fonz


Size: 350 x 100 to 350 x 125 or around that, whatever you think looks good.


Theme: Old western theme & font, use your imagination there tounge.gif




user posted image


user posted image


Use either pic, but if you use the second one just get the guys, don't worry about the title.


Colors: Anything you like, as long as it goes well with the pic.


Additional info: I would do it myself, but I'm lazy, and it wouldn't come out as good if I did it tounge.gif

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Thanks for putting your time/effort into it ATK, but it doesn't really take me fancy. If anyone else has any ideas I would be more than happy to see them smile.gif

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I'll give it a shot, check back for an edit.






user posted image








user posted image








user posted image








user posted image





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