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Modifying Wheel Arch Angels Content


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Hey im really new to coding but as my new mod calls for it i thought i would give it a go and learn the basics. First i thought id get a vague understanding of the main.scm and i have kinda done that (placing stuff, objects, cars etc) but now ive come to quite a large problem. I need to edit the content of the mod garages. Im really sorry if there is already topics for this but i found a little bit of info on the myriad forum and they were pretty vague so i presumed it was something not really discussed. I also used that yahoo site search but nothing.... If this is alrady fully documented then a link to the topic would be great smile.gif


First of all im attempting to change which cars are moddable at WAA. All other cars need to be not moddable atall. Im presuming this is done with main.scm as Snow Racer said mod garage stuff was defined by main.scm, veh_mods.ide, carmods.dat, shopping.dat and american.gxt. I looked through some of these and found a few things that i need for what i will explain next but no reference to which cars are modded where.


Next im trying to add totally new aftermarket parts to be purchased at WAA. Still im a noob at coding, but on a hunch id say that i would shape the aftermarket parts to the cars that they go on...export them within the cars dff. Then maybe define the parts in veh_mods.ide....which i have no idea how to do. Then define where it can be bought/how much it costs in shopping.dat and which cars it goes on in carmods.dat......and then probably the text for it in american.gxt.


Like i said these are all just guessees ive made from looking through the files at standard stuff so im probably really wrong.


Another point is in the myriad topic snow racer said that he reckoned changable bonnets/hoods isnt possible and i was wondering if anybody thought any different....like if you could use the hood vents thing.....but how would the game know to have the stock hood on normally and then remove it. Also what about window tinting? Could that be possible?


Anyways cheerz for the read, sorry for my noobishness and hopefully some coding genious can set me straight smile.gif


Kinky x

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Some of the stuff you want to do is possible, even without changing the main.scm, but noneless it should be just as (if not more) time consuming.


Making cars "enterable" at mod garages can be done by simple modifying a flag in the handling.cfg (or maybe it is in the vehicle.ide, can't remember right now), if you're looking just for a wheel change. Some vehicles (emergency vehicles, trucks, etc.) don't seem to enter garages no matter what (probably exe hardcoded).


If you want to add spoilers, sideskirts, foglights and the like, and the vehicles you want to mod don't have the corresponding dummies, you'll need to add them to the vehicle models using a 3d modelling program.


I'm not sure if it's possible to add new aftermarket parts, but replacing existing parts is very possible. Defining which vehicles can use them (and provided said vehicle models have the necessary dummies) can be done by editing the carmods.dat.


Replacing hoods and bonnets could be done, well sort of, if you add them to the model (3d modelling) as extras, although this would probably require sacrifycing the damaged parts.

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Some vehicles (emergency vehicles, trucks, etc.) don't seem to enter garages no matter what (probably exe hardcoded).

No, it is a scm coding.

For the rest it is everything OK.


Bye Bye


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