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I recently got a old Pentium MMX running computer, and I want to use it for Homework, the only thing is, although it can run XP (It was before I formatted everything) its really, really laggy, I want to run Win98SE on it, but I have a 80Gb HDD in my XP machine that I want to use so I can just put that in either drive for Homework moving instead of using my PSP (I get some stuff from eMails and the MMX ain't got a network controller for Broadband) but I can't see where for format the drive to Fat32, Usually it appears when you right click the drive and > format then select Fat32, but Fat32 ain't there, so I need a good disk utility that can detect FAT32 and NTFS, and fdisk them.
New account, Joe.
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Assuming you have a Windows 98/98SE Installation Disc (which you're going to need to install 98 anyway...), you can either first format the drive using a Windows 98 Boot floppy:


(from BootDisk.com)



Or, I believe (Been a long time since I installed 98 on something), you can format the drive during the Windows 98 Installation process.


As far as the networking goes, PCI Ethernet cards can be had for a very low price. This is assuming the PC has PCI slots, which, I have not encountered a Pentium MMX era machine that does not. Other than the fact that it usually has more ISA slots than PCI.

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I'll send u an ethernet card if u cover shipping smile.gif

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