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[snP] Driving School [v1]


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Why was there a need to create a new topic?


Your previous topic is still open.

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Well First, I don't know how to close a topic, and second I thought that there would be more response if i posted a new one.

It's just that I'm so close to 100% that I've become a little impatient

I didn't meant to be ungratefull for the help I've allready recieved.


If I did something wrong in anyway, then please accept my humble apology...


Friendly Regards

Edited by Khazad
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Well, creating a new topic was not necessary since you had requested Driving School in your previous topic. You could have replied in the same topic. Wait patiently for some helper to do the mission for you. You'll get it done for sure. smile.gif


Also, by 'open', I meant there were mission(s) still left to be done in the topic. You cannot close a topic. A topic can be locked only by a moderator on successful completion of all requested mission.

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