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YouTube videos will not play sound in Ubuntu Linux


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All right, this is very, very strange.


Whenever I load a YouTube video--just YouTube, any other flash video is fine--I cannot hear the sound on it. This first occurred to me with a video posted in Gen Chat, and so I reinstalled my browser thinking that was the problem. it seemed to fix it, however, today, no sound on YouTube videos whatsoever.


I tried reinstalling my browser, tried using several other browsers (Konqueror, Opera, Swiftfox), and still no sound. I loaded up WIndows XP on VmWare, and then went to YouTube with firefox, loaded one video, and what do you know it, sound through VMWare.


What in the almighty hell is going on? It doesn't seem to be an alsa/flash problem, because all of my other sound programs work fine, non-YouTube flash videos play fine, and the sound was pumped properly through VmWare to alsa just fine as well.


I tried googl'ing to see if maybe this was a new problem, but really all I could find were results about using the alsa-oss wrapper for when flash still used oss.


*Ubuntu 7.04

Edited by SagaciousKJB
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Click the little speaker thingy in the youtube flash player itself? maybe the volume is muted or very low..

Nope, I made sure to have them all at full blast. sad.gif

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Do you have any weird codecs installed? There could be a conflict.

The only "weird" codecs I could think of that I have installed are the w32codecs, though I've used those in the past on Debian without a hitch playing YouTube videos.

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I just know some people have issues after installing "mega codec" packs. I still find remnants of that sh*t on my machine.


I dunno. Trying toggling mute on and off (on youtube AND on your audio control panel). Try erasing cookies. (I think youtube saves your settings these days) Try kicking the speaker.

Edited by Otter
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