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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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guide to gta vice city xbox modding

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for those of you that care that still play vice city on xbox ( i think all 3 of us) i present to you a Work in progress definitive guide to modding gta vice city on your xbox. I'm sorry if i put this in the wrong place. If someone has questions, problems please let me know.


things that you will need:


first of all: a modded xbox

(1)you will need a copy of your own game to rip to the hardrive

(2)a file transfer program (such as filezilla)

TXD workshop

(3) rw analyze


First thing to know is that EVERYTIME you play vice city on a modded box it leaves a CAP.FINAL in the vice city file. This is to be deleted EVERYTIME you are about to try out a new mod. And such you must also delete anything in the X, Y and Z drives. Not doing this will result in your mod not working or not showing up when you load up your game to test the mod. ANother thing that you may end having to do is reset the xbox game clock.


Another thing to know is that ANY mod that comes with a limit adjuster WILL NOT WORK, period. As well you can only add mods that are manual on the xbox, if it comes with a .exe file to place it, it will not work! Even though all this can sound discouraging modding vice city on the xbox can still be enjoyable!


OK first thing is first, a good mod to mess around with that works quite well is spaceeinstein's all in one mod. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the files using the ftp program replacing the files in your vice city game. If i remember correctly it's just txt file and a scm file so there you go there is your first mod! **on a quick note you have to have your computer and xbox both online at the same time to transfer your files**


i will post some more tomm. I prob should have waited to put this up, but there you go! it's a start

Edited by ViceCityMamba80

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This belongs in the modding forums. Tutorial forum, wouldn't you say?

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Moved from VC General Discussion to Editing Discussion -> Tutorial Forum.

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Moved from VC General Discussion to Editing Discussion -> Tutorial Forum.

sorry guys i should have thought of that. Thanks. dozingoff.gif

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