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Vice City HUD Colour Values Needed


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Hey all,

I am making a mod for Vice City on XBOX.

What I need to know are the HEX Values for the HUD text,

as in Money, Heath, Ammo etc so I can search and replace them

to probably the GTAIII colors in the XBOX .XBE Executable.


If anyone knows the HEX values I need to find and replace,

could you please drop a post? (Should be the same as the PC version)


Also if anyone knows the GTAIII color codes I should replace the

Vice ones with for authenticity that would be a huge bonus.


I have been working on this mod for 3 years, and a website for it

will hopefully be online soon.


I realise this is alot to ask, and am extremely greatful for whatever

help anyone can please give me.


Thanks in advance.

- MiLO83 ph34r.gif

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