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A poem

Remember This.

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Remember This.


A note pinned to the fridge.

An image of a better place.

Something so small.

So violent.

So perfect.


I eat my breakfast and contemplate our eulogy,

Your careful handwriting on a crumpled yellow post-it note.

Our long goodbye,

The briefest touch.


'Thank you for the good times,

Pity about the rough.'



My first attempt at writing, I did it a year ago I think.

Looking back its not great, but I want to get back into writing, so any comments would be helpful.

Sorry its short, maybe my next will be longer.

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I talk from experiance when I say poetry is made of emotion. I definitely saw that in it. But the poems not too good. Keep at it smile.gif

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I think it's pretty good.


I'm not *too* in touch with poetry, but I can grasp the concept of what this is going on about - an ended relationship - the note is the eulogy. It's the long goodbye, but all it is is a simple two lined note - the second line of which is 'violent' as it's describing the rough times.


I like the attention to detail, another example being the word 'careful' to describe the handwriting - it's something that has been thought about 'carefully' and every word has been chosen specifically, much like the poem.


Not bad.

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