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Mass glitches


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System specs


16x Speed DVD-Rom Drive

Geforce 4 MX card

256MB Ram

2GHZ Harddrive

Direct X 9

Windows XP






1.Peds are blue,orange,white,etc(because the ped files wont load cause there isnt any and i have tried installing

2.slow gameplay and if i change it to 800x400x16 the graphics suck

3.Green stuff(fog,ground,etc.)

4.bad graphics


Any help


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Presumably you saw the topic in PC chat about the GeForce 4 MX working at 800x600x16, but your driver may be newer than the driver was when that topic was posted, try 77.72 and see if that is any better.

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It said it couldnt find any compatable drivers but everytime I try to download something from that site it says that so..

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