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Graphics problem with GF 6200


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WinXP pro SP2

2800+ GHz AMD Athlon

1GB ram

XFX GeForce 6200a 256MB 8xAGP


I've played SA before on the same pc with a GF 4600 ti 128mb videocard and it worked well. Couldn't play on the highest settings (FPS way too low), but there weren't any problems with 16-bit graphics AA on 3 and 1024/768 resolution. Now with my new-ish card, the GF 6200, problems appear. Even with 16-bit and AA turned off, weird textures appear... apparantly distorted. This happens after a couple of minutes of playing. When i press the windows key on my keyboard to go back to desktop, and then return to SA, the distortions disappear. But they tend to return after a few mins. Tried frame limiter and mipmapping on and off, but that doesn't work either. I tried using the latest NVidia drivers, and the older ones on the GF6200 install disk (version 82.something).


Sometimes also CJ and other characters have this, with these strange textures going from the body or weapons into the air. What's the deal with this, and how can i get rid of them?


Notice that here only two cars have these strange textures, but after a while many cars have them, including CJ himself.

user posted image

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Re-install, taking care to delete the gta_sa.set file located in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\.

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Thanks, i'll try that. During my online search for a solution i found out that the 6200 geforce card actually isn't all that good compared to the one i had... waste of money probably cause i can't return it to the store now.




Tried, and failed. I even defragged before installing, but I keep getting the weird textures. Sometimes also on buildings and roads... I fear the graphics card just fails me.

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Looks to me like the card is overheating. I have the same card and it does have a tendency to get hot. Make sure your card has good ventalation and that the fan is working.

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Well, I solved the problem, but not in the way you would expect...


I took the card out of my pc, but it back in the box, and brought it back to the store saying the card disappointed me. And i got my money back... guess I'll have to spend more than 50 euros for a card that outperforms my old GF 4600ti cool.gif


BTW it wasn´t a problem with overheating or anything, i even pointed my large fan on the opened PC and that didn´t help. The card just isn´t suitable for gaming...


I´ll try to find a nice 6600GT or perhaps Geforce 7600... problem is my budget. I suspect these cards cost at least 150 euros over here...

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i have a 256 mb geforce 6200 and i don't have any problems with sa.

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