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problems on the "options menu"


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all of the options menu always change back to a default when i close the game, except for the keys. every time i run it, i have to configure it again. it's kinda annoying suicidal.gif


my pc:

amd sempron 3000+

windows xp (service pack 2)

directx 9

512mb ram

geforce 6100 (128mb)



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Delete the gta_sa.set file from your GTA San Andreas User Files folder and run the game again.

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yeah, my xp have only one profile, it's always on the admin




didn't believe it, the GTA San Andreas User Files folder was occult, changing this solved everything suicidal.gif

forgive me for bothering u all but i have other games that work when their "user files folder" are occult, why gta have to be different!?


thxs all for helping me tounge2.gif

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