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Official "What are you playing now?" thread


Recommended Posts

original gangster

Playing Stalker. Love the atmosphere and it's a nice change from other shooters, but it feels a little dated and well, unfinished. Still it's a great game, surely would've been mind-blowing had it been released when it was originally supposed to. (2003)

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Pokemon Leaf Green on VisualBoyAdvance during IPT lessons. I know, it's exactly like every other pokemon game out there - but it's pretty addictive.

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Just played Flight Simulator 2004 and CoD2 Multiplayer.



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How did you find a link that defied the ESA protection?!




Anyway, Blockland V.0002 (too poor for retail), specifically, mod RTB 1.045 with mods.

but before i was Playing...


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Scarface: The World is Yours. Replaying.


Final Fantasy XII, I really like the ADB battle system, I never got in to the other ones because I hate this whole scenario: "I'm attacking you with a real bad-ass spell, now I jump back, I do absolutely nothing to help myself when you go to attack me". XII owns, though.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. I'm replaying it, on the PS2 this time. It handles more smoothly.


Grand Theft Auto III. The classics truly do still stand the test of time.


Maybe Halo 2 and Fable soon.

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PS3-F.E.A.R. Could be better.


PS2-Final Fantasy 12. What can I say its hard.


Wii-Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Great game. Still like Orcarina of Time better.

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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.


Building dinosaur theme parks and then releasing the Raptors onto the visitors ftw. wow.gif

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In teh middle of playing Colin Mcrae Dirt, pretty damn sexy. icon14.gif


Edit: Once you complete the race you can watch the replay and there is a button that makes the replay go into slow motion and it's f*cking looks awesome. inlove.gif

Edited by Seddo


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Lost Planet right this minute. Played through encores of Gears of War, FEAR, PREY, Black, Quake 4, Doom 3 and the GRAWs in the past few weeks.

Any opinions on Crackdown?

I need a new FPS, actually.


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Ive just bought Just Cause for ps2 and i dont know why people say its crap. It has beautiful grafics and a nice pony farm game, although the cut scenes and actors are awefull, the rest is ok. Im planning on gettin Fifa 2007 also, but im not sure yet.

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original gangster

Completed Stalker and have seen all the wish granter endings... which are all the bad endings. Now time to start over and get the good ones. biggrin.gif


The first time I got this weapon, I fell in love.

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Been playing Colin Mcrea Dirt and then played the Tenchu Demo again.

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I've finaly completed all the GDI, NOD and Scrin Missions in CNC3 on Medium difficulty, have to redo some missions as i've missed some of the secondary objectives, and may try each mission on hard mode sometime.


Looks like there will be an Expansion Pack coming sometime, At the end of the last Scrin Mission, The Alien Leader thingy said: "Prepare A Full Invasion Force, Earth Will Fall" I wonder what cool weapons they will add this time.


Now that the campaign is out the way, i may start playing online matches again, now that its more ballanced it should be more fun, no more Mammoth Tank Spaming lol.


Also theres my PS3 games, i still havn't completed Motorstorm or resistance, will get round to playing them again sometime.

Edited by Skyline_Mad
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Forza Motorsport 2. smile.gif

user posted image


mod it with Nitrous Oxide and chassis dyno.
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Played a couple of games of Top Spin 2 and then moved onto doing a few races on Colin Mcrae Dirt and finally i'm in the middle of playing Call of Duty 3 online.


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I been playing Vice City for minimum kills competition and some Madden 07 with some friends when I had time.

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Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme 2 with a bunch of friends.


I love how the character costumes are like 100,000 points. I won't be buying them any time soon. lol.gif

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Attorney General

It's been NBA 2k7 lately. I guess I'm still in basketball mode.


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Street Fighter 3:Second Impact Giant Attack


cumming buckets here

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Area 51


It looks bloody awsome on the pc!

user posted image


mod it with Nitrous Oxide and chassis dyno.
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I got a bunch of cheap PS2 games last week so I won't bother getting a PS3 until October.


Canis Canem Edit: R* games rules!


Hitman:Blood Money: I love this game why did'nt I buy it before.


Manhunt: I never got this before because there was always something else I wanted more. Decided I should get it before Manhunt 2 comes out because I wanted to get that but now this will have to do thanks to the BBFC (British Board of F*cking C*nts).


Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones: I got the trilogy for £15 and I'm not sure if this is the one I should be starting with.


I also got Just Cause and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter but I have'nt started playing them yet and four games at once is more than enougth.

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