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Official "What are you playing now?" thread

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Uh. The Xbox One has backwards capability, therefore you should be playing GTA IV, why aren't you playing GTA IV instead?   You sir are a disappointment to my cause.   But you're s

Really enjoying a run of GTA IV.    

* Assassin's Creed III - Continuing my playthrough of the series in their chronological (historical) order. This is actually my first time playing III right after Rogue, and it's really cool - Achille

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Quoting a post from the previous thread:



Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - Nintendo DS Lite


Is that anygood? I've been thinking of getting that at some point.


I bought the game and enjoyed it thoroughly. There's not a lot of gameplay (no "action", really, you just walk with the stylus and pick up items/use items), but the stories pretty good.


If you really care about my opinion (and I know you do biggrin.gif ) Link. I'd recommend reading some official reviews also, Gmaespot, IGN, etc and looking it up on Youtube (though I doubt there's much, there isn't much in terms of gameplay so watching someone play it might be boring).


Pokemon Diamond-DS

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Because i have recently updated my PS3, i can now enjoy some of my old ps3 games on a higher resolution, also GTA SA and VCS are now able to play on my PS3 without much/no trouble compared to before the update, so i will be playing SA and VCS alot more soon, but first i am trying to complete Tomb Raider Anniversary 100% (only left to do is find all the Relics + Artifacts and do the time attack on all a few of the levels)


On my PC i am playing CNC3, just completed the GDI Missions, seing both endings , to see both endings, save it on the last mission just before you take out the main alien base, then either destroy it using the Tiberium Bomb (Bad ending) or do it without using Bomb (Good Ending), then once you've completed it, reload and do the opposite to what you did the first time (either use the bomb or not).

Gonna start the NOD missions soometime tomoro.


I've also been playing STALKER, but i've completed it now with the Real ending, now i'm just waiting for the next big patch thats on its way (next small patch it 1.0004, big one is 1.0005), it will enable pony farm for when you complete the game, alowing you do go anywhere.


Edit: LOL, i forgot about that silly thing with these forums that changes "Free.Roam" to "Pony Farm", obviously i got around it by adding the . in the middle.

Edited by Skyline_Mad
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1. Resistance - finished the campaign already so I get on it to play multi-player online. I love to play as the Chimera.

2. Motorstorm - I play it every other week, waiting for the update because the stats are going to get reset. I'd rather wait for that and play it more when that happens instead of now and rank up only to lose it when the update is ready. I still play it off-line though, trying to unlock cars and stuff.

3. Calling All Cars - Really fun when friends are over and I even play online sometimes.....

4. Sometimes Gears of War with my brother. I have already finished the campaign with him (I found it kind of short but otherwise not a bad game) I have tried playing it online, it's tough. It also takes me a while to adjust to the controller....I don't know why....even though I definitely think its a big improvement from the the Xbox S controller.

5. Don't have a Wii myself but a friend of mine does.....I have tried Red Steel, Mario Party 8 etc. Mario Party 8 is pretty fun and I also don't understand why people complain about Red Steel, it certainly has better controls than that other FPS game on the Wii called Far Cry.


But mainly, the games I have been playing recently have been the ones I've listed (I go to my friends every week to play the Wii)......it may seem like I am giving a review or something but I feel like listing what I enjoy about the games etc.


I will end up getting a Wii when Umbrella Chronicles comes out (if it is available, I won't go looking for it or waiting line.) Main reason I want to get that game is to find out what happens to Umbrella even though I don't like the direction Capcom is taking that game.

Edited by sainraja
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Solair Wright

Crystalis for the NES. Nostalgic video games for the win, and it's similar to the Zelda games, except it's a true Action-Adventure/RPG.

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God of war 2 (cause it`s just fun)

Socom combined assault (online)

Oblivion (don`t know when will i stop)

San Andreas (12 times beated the game. But wanna beat it 8 times more)

Mortal Kombat Armaggedon (loling with my friend on co-op)

Movies Stunts and Effects (still makin sh*t on PC)


Also replaying MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3

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