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Car license plate glitched?


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Hi everyone. This topic I made is just to confirm something. Do some of R* cars have glitched license plates? I have noticed that you can't change some cars license plates through scm, like the Picador or the Bullet. So, Ryder's car was supposed to have SHERM or something written in his car's plate, but just shows random numbers like any other vehicle.


So, are some cars licence plates glitched?

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You're right, I didn't notice that some cars have license plates in the front aswell. However, as soon as I hit the the front or the back bumper into something, the plate immediatly turns into a random generated one. Now tell me this isn't a glitch.

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I noticed another license plate oddity. If you are driving the beat-up saddler, and break off the tailgate (where the license plate is held), the plate stays there floating in mid air. I had a pic, but my computer crashed before I saved it.

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